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A word on changing money

My preference is always to use local currency when ever possible. It avoids any confusion with exchange rates and the possibility of merchants giving a poor exchange rate. Here in Playa prices, nearly all prices, are given in pesos and US dollars. This is nice for the cruise ships that dock here. In fact, most … Continue reading »

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Cinque Terre

Walking the Cinque Terre…make sure you start early and give yourself plenty of time to walk it. “they” say that it takes 5 hours to walk all 4 trails but that may be for people that are in better shape. It took us ( I should say me) a lot longer but that’s because of … Continue reading »

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Windows XP Logon/Logoff loop

I recently had a customer whose computer was not letting them log on. XP would prompt for a password as normal. After entering the password, the computer
would display “Loading personal preferences”, flash the desktop, then logout. Continue reading »

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Christmas home decorations

Over the years my borther-in-law has taken to decorating his home at Christmas. At first the family thought it was cute and maybe a little silly. Things have changed now that he has started winning the neighborhood decoration contests! He’s in the big time now! I should also mention that he is Jewish. Here is … Continue reading »

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Hmmm…has anyone told HR that we are going out of business?

Mervins closing…but still hiring! Continue reading »

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A new project – Electric Vehicle Conversion!

So, my friend Scott has pulled me into his next project: Electric Vehicle Conversion of a Porche 914! Now he just has to start the project!!! Smooth running! Low maintenance! Quiet! Low vibration! Fun to make! Fun to drive! Economical! Cool running! Safe! Reliable! Convenient! Crowd pleasing! What a neat idea! The 914 is a … Continue reading »

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This was in a store window and I thought I’d include it for all the evil women out there…

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My hotel for the conference

I’ve been staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bangkok. Here are a few photos of the place. It’s really pretty nice. Outside Inside (this is only about 1/3 of the lobby area. I’m spoiled! This is the street corner outside the hotel. There is so much happening in this shot I had to put … Continue reading »

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