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Monthly Archives: November 2006

There is grub and there is grub grub

Ok, in previous posts I’ve suggested methods of eating through a meal that is … well, “questionable”. I want to let everyone know that while in the mountains, I encountered “chewy vegetable”. Following my own advice, I chomped through and finished the soup in question. It seems that mambers of my trekking group had not … Continue reading »

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Chang Mai – What to do?

I’m trying a new format. These postings will contain only text and few photos to make things load faster. I’ll have links to new pages that will contain the photos. While in Chang Mai, one of the first things you learn to do is plan your escape! This is a cute little town but the … Continue reading »

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Siem Reap – thoughts

Ok, I left Cambodia two days ago and flew up to Chang Mai. I wanted to make a posting about Siem Reap (the town near Angkor Wat) The UN made Angkor Wat a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) in 1992 with establishment of democracy in 1997 and the death of the Kahmer Rouge, this town has … Continue reading »

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Angkor Wat Photos

Ok, I finally uploaded a few photos from Angkor Wat. It’s kind of a task to get them uploaded from here, more will be posted soon. Here is the photo page

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Chewy Vegetable

At this point in the trip, I’ve realized that I should describe a little trick I use when eating in foreign lands. I’ve labeled this “chewy vegetable”. First of all, start with beer. Order a LARGE beer whenever possible. After you have finished your first beer, feel free to order your food. Also go ahead … Continue reading »

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Another add…

This is a change to the image of a Thai girl. Finally the perfect sandals to go with that little black leather dress and sword outfit you’ve been waiting to wear!

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This was in a store window and I thought I’d include it for all the evil women out there…

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My hotel for the conference

I’ve been staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bangkok. Here are a few photos of the place. It’s really pretty nice. Outside Inside (this is only about 1/3 of the lobby area. I’m spoiled! This is the street corner outside the hotel. There is so much happening in this shot I had to put … Continue reading »

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Best food value in Bangkok!

At the base of the Golden Mount is this shop that sells chicken and rice. I got a whole chicken and rice for 10bt (about 25 cents) It is obviously a popular place, this was just before the lunch crowd came in. Scott, the second round of the “breakfast for under $1” game: Lunch for … Continue reading »

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Fun with signs

In foreign countries we often see signs that are amusing. Sometimes it is because they are spelled wrong or phrased differently but sometimes it is the lack of English that makes it fun. Here are a few examples I found on my wanderings: In this park in Bangkok, it it not allowed to smoke, spit, … Continue reading »

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