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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Cell / mobile in Italy

If you have a mobile phone and want to avoid the international roaming charges, consider getting a SIM card from the local mobile carrier. Here in Italy, there are a few and I picked TIM (which I think is Telicomm Italia Mobile) it is working great! Good coverage and cheap service! The SIM card with … Continue reading »

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Marketing pros

Think this product needs a name change before entering the US market?

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Is this street legal?

Here is the Fiat Panda we rented to drive around Tuscany in. It maynot look like much but it has the power to get you up the hill! Getting your passenger and luggage up the hill may be another story…

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Cinque Terre

Walking the Cinque Terre…make sure you start early and give yourself plenty of time to walk it. “they” say that it takes 5 hours to walk all 4 trails but that may be for people that are in better shape. It took us ( I should say me) a lot longer but that’s because of … Continue reading »

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Trains…VALIDATE the ticket!

Ok, this part is simple but my guess is that 60% of travelers will do this: When you buy a ticket for the train, even if it is a specific train and seat*, you must always validate the ticket in the yellow box at the end of each platform. If you don’t, the penalty can … Continue reading »

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Museum advice

Get reservations before you go! The following offer reservations online and getting them will save an hour + of standing in line. Ufitzzi Galley Academia Florence Vatican museum

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Italian food at a low cost

Here is a great way to skip the lines (and cost) of the restaurants in Florence. Eat out of a vending machine! Now I would have just skipped this but we struck up a conversation with the shop owner (he turned out to be the inventor of these machines as well) For 3.60 euros and … Continue reading »

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La Costanza restaurant – Roma

By the way, if you believe the wait staff here at the Costanza restaurant, this is where Julius Ceasar was killed! Right in this arch! It wasn’t a restaurant back then but it may be a good place to avoid on March 15th…can you say ghosts?

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Venice – lost again…

Ok, the ladies love Venice. Don’t know why but they do. I find Venice a nice enough place for 2 days bit then it’s just too pricey and confusing to navigate. If you didn’t get lost in Venice I know 2 things about you: You spent a ton staying in a posh hotel near the … Continue reading »

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Morano – the pros and cons

Morano is one of the islands around Venice. It is known for it’s glassworks and … Yeah glasswork. It is also much smaller and the cannals are larger with walkways on either side. Much easier to navigate and, in my opinion, a great place to stay. BUT – It is considered remote and there is … Continue reading »

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