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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Tokyo Subways and Trains

I’ve mentioned how easy the Tokyo subway and train system is. I’m sure you were thinking, “But, Paul, how easy is it?” Well, I’m glad all you people in my head have asked that question because I have an answer! Websters Dictionary defines Easy in a way that isn’t the least bit amusing so it’s … Continue reading »

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Thailand – Motorcycle Taxis

Getting around in Thailand is not very difficult. I often suggest when you are new to an area that you have someone write down the name of the hotel, address, or area on a card in the local language. Although sometimes you find people that can’t read, it usually helps. Motorcycle taxis: Ok, so it … Continue reading »

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Tsukiji Fish Market

The perfect thing to do on your first day in Tokyo Ok, fine, jet-lag hits us all…mostly. The people that say they don’t get jet-lag are huge liars and they are trying to impress you with their “I travel so much I’m over that stuff” attitude. When I hear that I always think: Well, I … Continue reading »

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