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Monthly Archives: February 2008

new music anyone?

Check out the BLIND BEGGER for the new music scene in Calgary! Tell Justin and Gregory that I sent ya!

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Dear Calgary, why no love?

Do you really have to send me to immigration EVERY time I come through the airport? Do I look like a scrub? When I say I’m visiting one of our offices do I need a lecture on how I can’t work in Canada? Ok, am I the type you just don’t want in the country? … Continue reading »

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Next Trip -> Calgary, AB, Canada

Well…before I can finish my posts on Sun Valley, I’m off to Calgary for work. I’ll try to post from the road! 😛

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Sun Valley Snowboarding

How should I start? It was a cold winter night and the afternoon birds had nestled down for the night when Scott started talking about the old days and skiing every winter… ok, maybe not the best way to start this entry. I’ll just jump into the trip itself.

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