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iPhone – a travel must? Yes!

Everyone has their own list that they like to bring on a trip. Some of you are much more … Detailed than others. I often keep things a bit too simple but I want to point out my favorite thing to bring:
iPhone – my new iPhone is amazing! I’ve never liked travel with a big laptop, they are just too big and heavy. This little phone gives me lots of functionality that I really like.
–I go my blog posts from a wordpress app. It’s fair but needs work.
–google maps is really helpful as well. Really handy when you are (almost) lost. Likely even if you are fully lost but I wouldn’t know.
–it’s got a camera, but no flash. Good for simple blogging shots
–email and local phone is very nice to have on the road. I highly recommend getting your phone unlocked and ‘jailbroken’ and buying cheap SIM cards on you travels. AT&T will hate me. Apple will hate me. But that is because they lose control and can’t bill crazy high rates for roaming!
–I also suggest using skype for calls. It bypasses the phone network and let’s you take you number with you. Remember, if you by a local SIM, you get a local number which is hard to send to friends. Skype allows you to buy an incoming phone number that travels with you. Lastly, skype uses wifi which can save money as well.

Not to mention the iPod features and games you can install!

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